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Every year we visit multiple schools providing historic school talks: a hands-on way to experience the war and life in the 1860s.

For educational purposes we will set up public history demonstrations of the various aspects of the war without a battle scenario.

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150th PVI Bucktails in Meadville - Hreenactment, 150th PVI bucktails civil war


Dear Visitor,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the website of the 150th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C. Along with our strong civilian contingent, we proudly represent the men of the Bucktails that enlisted from Crawford County in 1862 to preserve the ideals of the country in which they so ardently loved and believed in. We are a family oriented unit that strives to accurately portray our ancestors of the mid-nineteenth century in historical reenactments, living history events and educational programs.

Please take time to browse through our website so that you can find out what we are all about. If you live in Northwestern Pennsylvania, and are interested in exploring the history of the American Civil War era, please consider joining us at one of our events or monthly meetings. And, always feel free to contact us with any questions regarding membership or event participation.


Steve Johnston President 

150th PVI Bucktails in Meadville

150th PVI Bucktails

We reenact actual Civil War battles as the 150th PVI Bucktails. Some large scale events can have thousands of participants.

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