​         ​150th PVI Bucktails

In 2014, a Civil War Field Hospital, complete with Medical Staff, became part of the 150th Bucktail Educational Programs.  It began with a few members interested in the medical aspect of the Civil War and setting up a small display of medical related items.  In just a few short years it has grown into one of the most complete Civil War Field Hospitals in the reenactment/ living history community.

Our field hospital medical staff members portray the surgeons, stewards, nurses and even nuns that treated sick and wounded soldiers throughout the war. Surgical procedures, amputations, and treatments are recreated like it would of been done in the 1860s.  During these procedures, our Civil War surgeons explain the process, which can become quite graphic - it is not intended for the faint of heart. 

The hospital stewards have a full field apothecary, and are ready to answer questions about the medicines and how they were used and prepared.   Did they or did they not use chloroform on the soldiers?  

Our Civil War nurses and nun not only help with surgical procedures, but can talk about the care soldiers were given after the loss of a limb and the struggle dealing with mid 19th century diseases and illnesses.  Talk to them about the innovations that are used in today's medicine because of the discoveries and necessities needed during The Civil War.

The Sanitary Commission members will explain how it helped improve nutrition, sanitary conditions in camps and supplied everything from socks, and blankets, to fresh food and bandages to the Union soldiers.   Did you know that the Sanitary Commission was the pre-curser to today's American Red Cross?


​Feel free to talk with a member of the Ambulance Corp.  Discover who the “Father of Modern Battlefield Medicine,” was and how his work saved thousands of soldiers from dying horrible deaths on the battlefield.  Ask how things have evolved through the years with the transportation and triage of patients.  Do you know what other job the stretcher bearers had within the unit?

Please join us, if you DARE, at one of our scheduled events for a historic step back into the 150th Bucktail Civil War field hospital.  Perhaps YOU could become our next "patient"....

With Kindest Regards,

The 150th Bucktail Field Hospital Staff

Pat and Barb Emig

Mark and Linda Gray
Bob and Marcie Mattocks


Medical Corps