You will learn to love the smell of wool, while standing in a sunny field,  in mid-August.

​You will learn how quickly said wool becomes wet and stinky.

​You make your vehicle purchases based on how much reenacting stuff you can pack into it.

​You will amaze your friends as to how you load and unload all your stuff with lightening speed.

​You will learn how to set up and tear down camp quickly - even faster if it is raining.

​You will learn the benefits of dry weather on Sunday afternoons.

If you don't know how to sew - you will.

​If you don't have a sewing machine - you will probably end up owning more than one.

You spend hours in the fabric store thinking about your next dress.

​You will be giddy with excitement when the mail comes and contains fabric coupons.

​You will spend your free time at garage sales looking for oil lanterns and cast iron pans.

​You start using a haversack for a purse.

You always have a supply of candles and fire starter - no matter where you go.

You enjoy the smell of sulphur early in the morning.

You will learn how to tear down your musket and clean it completely - just in time to fire it again.

​You will always be searching for a deal on black powder and caps.

​You will enjoy watching a fire in the evening - instead of a television.

​You will get up early in the morning - without an alarm clock.

​You will be calling your new friends during the week - just because you miss them.

​Come spend a weekend with us - before it is over you will be asking where is the next reenactment and how do I get there!

Let us help YOU - ​​Learn YOUR History, Teach YOUR Legacy, and Live YOUR Passion!!

WARNING - What You Are About To Read Has The Potential To Drastically Change Your Weekends!

So You Want To Be A Civil War Reenactor?

​         ​150th PVI Bucktails