Pull Over Hoodie

Short Sleeved T-Shirt

Sizes over XL will be priced differently per item (except for short sleeved T-Shirts - they will remain $15 for all sizes)  Check out the order form below for different pricing and size options for other Reunion Wear Items.  Please note that the zippered hoodie prices are reversed and the s-xl sizes are $25.50, not $33.50.  You may pick up your purchase at the Reunion or they can be mailed to you.  Thank you and hope to see you soon!

Get Your 24th Annual Bucktail Reunion Wear Right Here! 

Long Sleeved T-shirts, Short Sleeved T-Shirts, Pull Over Hoodies, and Zip Hoodies!

Zippered Hoodie

​         ​150th PVI Bucktails

The back of the shirts will have the locations of Bucktail Reunions from previous years.

Long Sleeved T-Shirt